Incentive Theory of Motivation

All of us have various reasons and motivations why we work in a particular organization. For some of us, getting stimuli for good upholding the work ethics serve as such a motivation. Suppose you want to enhance your style of management, help your colleagues feel they are valuable in the team, and be more emphasized … Read more

Examples of personal code of ethics

In many organizations, the management requires its workers to follow the ethical code that aims to keep a positive atmosphere and respect in the team. In the context of personal intentions, you can also make your own ethical code. How can you do it? It is very easy. Below, we will tell you everything about … Read more

Internship Report

Any internship aims to develop professional abilities in the practical spheres of life. Since fellowships serve as a learning platform, reviewing the abilities you have gained is essential. In this post, you will know what every internship report should include. Besides, we will present to you a scheme of the typical internship report.  Firstly, let’s … Read more

Thank you letter to mentor

When you succeed, you should thank everyone who has helped on your way. Primarily it refers to an adviser, the person who has done all his best for your success. That is why you should write a letter of thanks for paying tribute to all his efforts. In this post, you will know how you … Read more

Writing Strategies

Every job requires having several vital skills, and here, the skills in writing play an essential role. It does not matter what you need to do – communicate with the partners, make a presentation, write articles, make a report – if you can build a clear and successful written communication, you will make outstanding achievements … Read more

Good excuses to call off work

At times we all need to take some break and have a rest. In the perfect world, the employer requires all the workers to come to work in time. But the real world is different – once we all have a day when we cannot get up and make ourselves go to work.   We can … Read more

Conferral date

If you submit an application for a program for high education, a professional permit, or a job, you can be asked to give a conferred date of your degree.  If you have got your diploma, you can just look at its date and write it in the necessary form. And in case you have finished … Read more

May we contact this employer?

"Can I get in touch with this employer?" – what do you feel when seeing this question? Many people are a little bit scared of it, and there are many reasons.  Someone worries that his current employer will know about his changing-the-job will as he still works there. Somebody is afraid of revenge from his … Read more

I Do Not Know What Job I Want 

Once in our life, we have to choose our career. As everyone has their own way of the career path, the job choice can be a simple or rather challenging task. There are some people who have already known what they want to do since childhood; for the others, the job searching can last for … Read more

How Often Should You Ask For A Raise

You have worked for a year in the position of a Junior Analyst in the Finance Department. You probably compare your skills against the experience of your more qualified colleagues and think you can complete their tasks with ease. You still have time for training and are ready to devote a lot of free time … Read more