Survey Researcher

What is a Survey Researcher? A Survey Researcher is a job that requires extensive research skills to design surveys that are based on the goals of an organization. There are several different types of questions that can be asked in a survey depending on the information needed by the company conducting it, whether it wants … Read more

How To Calculate Marginal Utility (With Examples)

Marginal utility describes the increase in utility or satisfaction that a consumer receives from consuming a good. In principle, the marginal utility can be calculated by calculating the change in total utility due to the change in the number of goods consumed.  Marginal utility definition with example The marginal utility (often abbreviated to MU) is … Read more

Relevant experience

When looking for a job, you can once see such a point as “relevant experience.” And sometimes you do not know what to include there. So, in our article, we will figure out what it signifies for us as job-seekers and employers. Under the term “relevant experience,” the history of your past works is meant. … Read more

Clerical Skills

During the job searching, one day, you will face the requirements of clerical skills, the skills aimed to improve job performance, partnership, and effectiveness in the administrative sphere. These qualities serve great, no matter what job you are looking for.  Now, we’ll discuss clerical skills in detail.  So, clerical skills mean the ability to perform regular daily … Read more

Should I put GPA on my resume?

When making a job summary, we need to carefully think about everything to include there – education, experience, skills, hobbies, etc. And there is one thing that we worry about – should we mention GPA in our summary? If you do know as we do, let’s find out together. First of all, let’s understand what … Read more

Delegation of Authority: Definition and Guide

Executives often complain that they don't really have time to actually manage personnel. The daily tasks have grown to such an extent that they no longer have time for employee appraisals. Personnel management is part of the manager's job. The delegation of authority can remedy this. In fact, it can be very motivating for the … Read more

The Best Excuses to Leave Work Early

At some point in your career, you will have to leave work early. After all, employees are people with obligations that cannot always be controlled or delegated to weekends and non-working hours. In most cases, a reasonable supervisor will understand and grant a request to quit early or be late, provided your apology is legitimate, … Read more

How to Tell Your Boss You Quit

So, you’re finally getting the job that you’ve dreamt about for a long time. And now you have to tell your current employer that you’re going to leave. Only one thought about it can be rather frightening. But we ask you now – don’t be afraid. We’re here to help you. Below, we’ll give you … Read more

How to Ask Why You Did Not Get a Job

Having a job interview can be a rather challenging task. Before it, you have to research the organization, get ready to respond to all questions, and try to impress those who will interview you positively. And all of this is followed by the stress of hoping that your job searches will be successful. Seldom the … Read more

How to Get Out of Customer Service

Today being a representative of customer service is really hard since many of them tend to get disappointed. Still, there are a lot of people who pass the customer-service-representative courses, but only a tiny percentage of these graduates pursue this occupation. And the situation is getting worse every day. Since there are not many representatives … Read more