How can coaching and tutorial classes help preparations for SAT tests in the US?

Preparations for the SAT examinations in the United States remains one of the most prestigious fields. Many high school junior and senior level students appear in these examinations every year. The College Board, the administrator and publisher of the SAT examinations, holds the test as not being able to be coached. However, different studies conducted by other researchers reveal that taking preparation classes from the tutorial and coaching centers increases the SAP score by an average of 60 points approximately. The basic thing you all must understand that SAT scores are not the ultimate basis to measure your intelligence and success. However, there are many coaching classes and tutorials that can help you secure good points in SAT exams in the United States. However, taking essential coaching from a reputed tutorial institute significantly helps to raise the points you score on the test.

What are the important tips for effective preparations for the SAT Tests?

There are certain time-tested tips that can significantly help you to crack the SAT test in the U.S. Carefully read the following tips if you want to enrich your SAT preparations:

Tip 1: Focus on wrong answers instead of right answers

The SAT test has certain fixed parameters adopted by the College Board. The most important of these parameters requires you to find the wrong answers when you do not know the right one, while attempting the multiple-choice questions.

Tip 2: Answer simple questions first and difficult ones later in order

There is no set parameter of questions ordered based on simplicity. However, you must avoid answering difficult questions during your early hours in the SAT examination hall. Initially, you are required to answer the simple questions during the early period while sitting in the examination.

Tip 3: Customize your test booklet

You should try to note down important notes over your test booklet so that you can keep focussed. Scratch work or marking over the booklet remains very important when you attempt the SAT test. When you keep a track of your answers, it directly helps you to score on your time as well as accuracy.

What are the new SAT guidelines and the SAT test and scoring pattern for the year 2016?

The SAT examination consists of three main sections that include Mathematics, Critical Reading, and Writing. Each section’s score variesbetween 200 to 800 marks. The total time allowed to complete the test is 4 hours and 30 minutes, out of which actual time remains to be 3 hours and 45 minutes for all sections. This includesadministrative timed breaks other than fifteen-minute break. The SAT questions includeeasy, averageand difficult questions, though no specific order is followed in the question paper. The SAT test comprises of a total score of 1600 points, which are combined with two 800-point parts. The SAT test paper broadly containsmore of multiple-choice questions, however, the mathematical grids and other simple questions may not include multiple-choice answers. As far as the scoring pattern is concerned, it is one point added for a correct answer, and one-quarter of a point deducted for every wrong answer.