I know you need to go to college and study your chosen course. However, before you settle on the college (s) that you will attend, take your time and prepare on the way to get there. Could you be wondering on the best time to start reading for your SAT exams? The best time to start is not documented by anyone, neither is there any blueprint on when to start reading for the tests. If you are too late in starting, then the high score that you should have gotten will elude you. Moreover, if you are too anxious and you start early, you might find yourself forgetting some of the important things that you need to recall before the actual time for the test. Let us look at the content you need to have learnt before you sit for the SAT.


Reading Test

The reading section will present you with some questions that test your ability to read and comprehend some given passages. The topics that are tested in this section are a passage about US history or the literature about the world, 2 social sciences or history passages, and 2 passages based on science. You are required to read the passages, understand them, and answer some questions which have multiple choices.

The passage on literature can be challenging since it uses some grammar that is not easily understood by a layman. Take time to learn grammar, and then divide the passage into 5 passages which you will take roughly one hour to answer. Your ability to analyze some cases, understand grammar, use the available evidence, and apply logical arguments to come up with quick answers is required in this section. Be ready to do a few questions based on data analysis; this could be in form of a table or graph. Eventually, you will have 2 questions based on evidence. You will be asked a question about a certain passage and you will be required to point out the area you find in the passage.



How to ace the reading test

You will have to pass this reading section tests since it is not as challenging as many people think. However, ensure that you are able to read and comprehend difficult passages, analyze them and get answers in a quick manner. It is important to note here that if you are a reader and you are well versed with English, then you will not have a hard time on this section. The English that you learn in your high school is sufficient to help you ace this reading section.