Hi! SAT broadly means Scholastic Aptitude Test or Scholastic Assessment Test, which is conducted for admissions into higher education in the United States of America. First time Introduced in the year 1926, SAT was founded by the College Board, which is a privately owned nonprofit corporation in the United States. The Educational Testing Service holds and administers the SAT examinations on behalf of the College Board. The basic objective of conducting SAT examinations characterizes assessing the eligibility, capability or competence of a student in order to pursue higher studies in the colleges across the U.S.SAT was initiallydesigned to assess the competence of high school students to ascertain whether they were prepared or equippedwith essential skills to pursue higher studies in universities.Since then, several amendments have been made into the SAT structure duringthe long SAT history.According to SAT principles, the examination tests and analyzes the basic academic skills required by the high school students in order to succeed at the university level.



While appearing for the SAT test, the students are required to follow a strict time limit, within which they have to finish the examination. The SAT has introduced more amendments for upcoming examinations for the year 2016. The SAT examination consistsof three chief sections involvingCritical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing. Each section ranges a score between 200 to 800 marks, while each score being a multiple of 10. Each section is further divided into nine subsections followed by a 25-minute experimental section, which can be found in any of the three main sections. 4 hours and 30 minutes is the total time allocated for the test, out of whichactual time being 3 hours and 45 minutes for all sections, including timed breaks for administrative procedure and fifteen-minute breaks. The questions asked in the SAT range from the simple, mediocre to tough questions. The simple questions usually remain closer to the beginning, while tough questions towards the end of the test, though it’s not identical for each section.However, the questions contained in the Critical Reading section remain in chronological order. The total attainable score at SAT may vary from 400 to 1600, which is reached by combining two 800-point sections.More Oftenly, the SAT contains maximum multiple choice questions, except for mathematical grids and simple ones. Ten non-multiple choice questions are included in one of the mathematics sub-subsections.Scoring pattern features one added point for every correct answer and one quarter of a point deducted for every wrong answer.

The 60-minute Writing section contains questions on grammar, usage, and diction, whereas the 70-minute Mathematics section includesalgebra and functions, number and operations, geometry, probability, statistics, and data analysis. However, the Critical Reading section contains questions asked in the chronological order related to critical reading, vocabulary and sentence reading. SAT 2016 has been redesigned by maintaining a 1600-point measurement, however, the essay remains optional. A candidate appearing for 2016 examination would have to complete the whole test within 3 hours besides a 50-minute time allocated for essay writing.